Version 6.1.2

It’s been so long.

– Updated front page
– Added working links to actual comics
– Failed to prepare site for S3 of FANPE
– Created temporary page for music
– Failed to design proper page for music


Version 6.1.1

New comic?

– Added “The Feline Squad”
– Attempted to fix the menu and failed miserably
– Attempted to link comic pages with the actual comic


Version 6.1.0

Lots of stuff this time.

– Truly fixed the RSS feed for FANPE
– Added temporary podcast player
– Ripped hair out fixing site logo and banners
– Fixed the front page
– Fixed the footer
– Fixed menu links
– Added blog (which still needs to be improved)


Version 6.0.1

I did, uh, something.

– Added and fixed FANPE RSS feed


Version 6.0.0

Whoopee, I redid the website again!

– Added Seaduck page and FANPE page
– Added front page
– Added patch notes

…that’s it. More coming soon.