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Featured Comic

This is a story about Gerald. Gerald the Seaduck. Join him as he finds out who he is, who he is meant to be, and follow him on his journey towards fame, fortune, glory, friends.

#1. Gerald lives in his first strand-type scenario.

Read latest issue (#1).

Featured Podcast

Hey! Welcome to the podcast. From A Normal Person’s Eyes follows the host, P.M. as he looks at certain events, topics, and pieces of media and gives his own two cents about them. Episodes vary between 3 types: [Disc.] for discussions, [LNE] for Late Night Editions, and the most common type of episodes, the regular ones. The podcast currently operates on a variable schedule, with erratically-placed releases.

Join P.M. and his guests, Alex and Arido as they talk about LaCroix and Kona Ice while getting sidetracked by the adventures of Perry Platypus.

Listen to latest episode (S2E13).