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AP Bowling

Mr. Afternoon | Single | 02.26.2023

A song about a hypothetical AP Bowling course.

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Mr. Afternoon | EP | 02.07.2023

athaza is a long song that was created in order to experiment with some new mixing techniques.

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Mr. Afternoon | Single | 06.01.2022

A shoddy tribute to John Cage. Can you even call this music? This is like 4’33” but if it was being played in an alien hostage room. This should never have been made.

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The Golden Bonana

Mr. Afternoon | Album | 07.07.2021

The Golden Bonana is a concept fusion jazz album about a gorilla named Steve undertaking a journey to find a golden banana.

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Szoo Wee Dmama: Vol. 1

Mr. Afternoon | Album | 03.01.2021

What happens when you make 14 songs in 28 hours? This.

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the morning before

Mr. Afternoon | EP | 01.12.2021

Some experiments. This EP is not a serious representation of my music, but rather a serious representation of how every single time I try to do something I distracted and end up creating a new song. I have like 32 major threads that my tiny little brain is handling at once.

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this is a cry for help

Mr. Afternoon | Single | 12.30.2020

A collaboration with AT about random stuff.

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The 5 Days of EP

Mr. Afternoon | EP | 12.25.2020

An EP produced in 5 days to test the musical waters.

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